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Since 1953, The Kats Rugby Club has been a staple of BC rugby. Ask locals about the Kats and the infamous G-House, chances are you'll meet someone who has heard of us or been to one of our clubhouse festivities. In 2019, we are a one team club playing within the third division BC Rugby league. We are looking to expand back into a multiple team club while also maintaining our 'club first' culture.


Est. 1953

Cheapest Dues, Best Culture

Join one of the oldest surviving rugby clubs in Vancouver. At Kats RFC we value the essence of rugby, culture, & brotherhood. The only prerequisite for our team is someone who's ready to be a part of a team on and off the pitch.

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2804 W 3rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1M7, Canada


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Since our founding in 1953, the Kats have topped the highest competition in BC, have gone on countless tours, hosted countless teams, and have had a riot all along the way.